I love startups.

Startup Manifesto

I love the innovation, the passion, the energy. Sharing knowledge, time and passion to help each other to succeed in our dreams.

I live near Amsterdam and am a lean customer development mentor at Rockstart accelerator as well as an entrepreneur and consultant. The atmosphere in the Amsterdam tech startup scene is one that I can really relate to.  As a lean customer development coach and Business Strategist I get to travel around and visit other European tech hubs and startup hotspots. All trying to create warm, creative, and fruitful environments to help startups grow. Now despite the numerous lists and top-10 startup cities and other competitive posts, I feel that if we all want to help each other, why not do that cross-Europe. Make our diversity something we can learn and benefit from. A post on Tech.eu called “Stop obsessing over being The Next Silicon Valley” only strengthened that view. As did the call for a European StartupManifesto We should connect rather than compete. Connect and learn from our specific skills and  benefit from the different environments.

This site is a first step in trying to help startup hubs across Europe to do this. There are enough lists of startups in every single city, you can also use angel list to keep updated on that, but where do you go when you are traveling to one of the many European hubs. Where is it that you most likely will meet other entrepreneurs or people that can connect you to other people? Where can you physically go to meet other startups and people willing to help you succeed? Lets all share knowledge and accell.